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a socially-oriented organization that helps people navigate through highly-manipulated information by generating a credible database of reviews and research.


We have created a place where professional and independent reviews or researches available for all people. Current situation shows that the Internet has highly-manipulated information with very biased articles. Business owners pay for fake positive reviews, while their competitors pay for negative ones. Professional and amateur product reviewers are flooding popular websites with their incompetent content (that is mostly paid). Most news sources give their readers completely unproven and suspicious information. Educational materials go through many resources and people, who may change them into absolute nonsense. Also, analytics for real situation in reputation management is hidden from many internet users due to enormous amount of money needed for such information providers.

Here are the qualifications we expect of Dreamsters, and of you as an applicant:

  • You are a honest, passionate and knowledgeable subject matter expert.
  • Even if you’re not a professional writer. You feel ready to write interesting articles about your topic.
  • You are willing to provide timely, accurate and unbiased information while properly attributing of your sources.
  • You are willing to engage your audience.
  • You are open to a feedback and interested in creating the highest quality articles possible.

Dreamstr's goal is to create a stable network that leverages a broad spectrum of new technologies designed to build social trust, facilitate safe business transactions and provide mentorship (education) resulting in positive community building activities both on line and off line.

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Now view the articles, reviews, researches and analytics by members of our amazing community. Hope, you find interesting and truthful information. Thank you (:D

  In appreciation for you kindness and effort to make internet safer, Dreamstr community prepared some awards and special offers:  
  • Platform: Publishing through our website allows you to take advantage of our amazing community of Dreamsters.
  • Compensation for you passion: Dreamstr community and regular visitors may help with donations in appreciation of your hard work and honest reviews. We are using PayPal split payment where 70% goes to author, 30% to community development.
  • Humans: We have a small team based in New York City and other locations around the world, who will contact you on a regular basis to offer feedback, answer your questions and welcome you to our community of contributors.
  • Editorial Guidance: Dreamsters are free to write what they know, while our administration team helps guide you through promotional opportunities.
  • Special programs: Once Dreamstr Network (dreamstr.net) is launched, all the experts of Dreamstr.org will have exclusive rating, benefits and even financial incentives.
  • The Finale: Dreamstr.org users must be 18 years of age or older and have working PayPal account (optional) for donations. Each Dreamstr member is an independent contributor that eager to help others understand the most important topics. No rights would be taken. It is strongly voluntary job with possible money earning through PayPal donations or ad-sharing system (if you have working Google AdSense account). Also Dreamstr.org contributors show their expertise in the different fields, so they can use it for giving advices, professional help on other resources.
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